Hands Free Popcorn Bucket

Movie Seats w/ Cup Holders

We are a Veteran husband & wife, Indiana based owned business who developed, patented, & trade marked a new idea that has many added benefits. This 1 and only, newly shaped popcorn bucket is new to the market of movie theaters and sports arenas everywhere! Its Unique Design makes different sized popcorn buckets easier to carry (as a customer), a new place to sit your bucket down (besides the floor or get stuck holding it for 2 hours during the movie), it minimizes Risk Associated Behavior (such as a clean up crew bending over repeatedly to pick current shaped buckets up off of the floor), less bending over for clean up crew and sweeping up spilled popcorn off of the floor eliminates wasted motion and optimizes clean up times. Most importantly, it enhances the customer experience by allowing seeds to fall to the bottom and both hands to be free during the movie!            L@@K the "Slide Show" 

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    "Re-Shaping the Standard"

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